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iPhone Tricks   The iPhone is the most known smartphone in the world thanks to the power of Apple. Every year, a new change in the iPhone and the newly released iPhone X continues to revolutionize the smartphone. This includes different tips and tricks to enhance its use for everything....

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By Michael Smith

Android Tips   Got an Android? It has a lot of cool stuff on it and has some features that could be considered better than the iPhone. The Android is a fun tool that provides shortcuts to the little things. There are also little tips to extend those tricks with...

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By kimberly dibble

Review of the HTC 10 Find Deals on HTC Phone Here  Since 2008 HTC has been manufacturing Android and Windows-based smartphones.  Based out of Taiwan, the company initially launched as a laptop manufacturer in 1997 but eventually moved to smartphones.   On the back of the HTC One M9’s release in...

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By Dave GPSK

Evolution of Sony Phones Sony is not just a company about making video games, movies, and music. Sony is an all-around company about everything that is a technical achievement in everyday life, including smartphones. It is not just Apple and Samsung, but Sony is very much invited in the sector,...

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By Michael Smith

Everything about iOS 11 Apple launched iOS 11 in September 2017 andthis update brought many new powerful feature improvements to iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.We will elaborate more on the features introduced, but to give you a basic overview, some feature improvements included updates to AirPlay 2, camera, photos, Siri, maps,...

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By weronika gpsk
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